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Britta Ofori-Kuragu

Purposeful Parenting Coach

About Me

Hello and a very warm welcome to my site. My name is Britta and i live in the UK, with my lovely husband and our 2 beautiful children  - Prince Jr. who’s 7 and Verity who is 3 -and-a-half years old. Right from early childhood, i knew i wanted to help people and impact the world, but i wasn’t quite sure how that was going to happen. This desire, coupled with my own challenging childhood experiences somehow led me on a path to pursue an education and a career dedicated to understanding the human condition and helping to improve life for others.

This subtle burning desire led me to attain a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Sociology and then a Master’s Degree in Public Health. I spent the early years of my Career in Customer relations and then in a Management capacity in the last decade, serving and providing support services for Adults with Learning Difficulties across the city of Leeds. I have always miraculously found myself in the capacity to help others - whether through the Methodist church in my mid-teens in Copenhagen  - Denmark,  my late teens through the Salvation Army in Sydney, Cairns and Brisbane  - Australia, or my early twenties through an orphanage in Accra - Ghana.


Ultimately however, it was becoming a mother that led me on the journey of re-discovering myself, my values, my passion and my purpose in life. I have had to delve deep into myself to determine what really matters to me and understand how my own childhood experiences affect the little humans i’ve brought into this world. My quest to become the mother Prince and Verity actually need, has taught me some deep lessons about what it takes to nurture and honour their individuality, whilst empowering them with the tools and mindset that will enable them to thrive now and in the future.


Developing their entrepreneurial skills happened to fit in with my quest to support them to develop their creativity, authenticity and the mindset that would enable them to navigate the uncertainties of our ever-changing world, while making an impact on the world and a positive difference in the life of others. So at 6-years-old and 3-years-old, Prince and Verity each have their own little business that conveys a true expression of themselves and have so far made huge impacts. They are still very young and we have a long way to go; however, it is an honour to learn and grow alongside them, as we enjoy the benefits of our shared experiences and the foundation of a strong positive relationship as well as a deep sense of connection.

As a Purposeful Parenting Coach, I use the knowledge, skills and experiences I've gathered throughout my life, my passion for 'youngerpreneurship' and my Purposeful Parenting Paradigm framework to serve. My mission is to support mothers on their own journey of self-awareness, while they help their children to develop their inner compass and build an enterprise around their uniqueness and authenticity, so that they would be purposefully positioned for a life of endless opportunities and limitless possibilities.


Photos from Prince & Verity's little ventures


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